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Our proven process will protect all surfaces for up to 90 days. We can help provide a demo of our product and give you the assurance necessary to get your company or home back on track. Most people love the idea of getting back to normal, as long as they can be safe and healthy in the process. We offer 3 levels of protection so that no matter your situation, you are able to move forward. 

Level 1 - Squire

Precautionary Measures

Level 2 - Sentinel

Possible Contamination

Known Contamination

Level 3 - Knight

Covid 19

Protect your Employees, Customers, and Community, as you work to growing in a safe environment. 

Our Services

Home Decor
Hospital Employees

Residential Services

Imagine the freedom and peace of mind that you would have knowing your home has been disinfected for viruses and bacteria for 90 days, with the latest technology. 

Commercial Services

 Whether you provide medical services, care for seniors, or run a restaurant, we can effectively and efficiently decontaminate your business for 90 days to give your employees, leadership, and customers the peace of mind they need.  

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We can do more than  wait...

Facility Reopening Guide

 We offer a guide that combines the latest research and techniques deployed and recommended. Our team is backed by PhDs who work with some of the leading medical minds in our county.

Why choose us

 From our employee screening, our "no contact" services, to our cutting edge formulas, we are leading the charge to bring our communities back, one job at a time. 

Our Happy Customers

“RestoKnight did an amazing job and decontaminated our entire warehouse in the evening while we were closed”

Dara and James Levine


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